Cherry-Hill Ponies
Registered Foundation Shetland Ponies

Pony & Horse Tack; Cart & Harness For Sale

Located in Philomath, Oregon, Cherry-Hill raised quality registered Classic American and Foundation Shetlands for over 35 years. We selectively bred our Shetland ponies for good conformation and breed type, along with gentle and willing dispositions. Most of our Shetland ponies lived outdoors in pastures year round. Shetlands thrive in this natural herd environment.

Our stock had quality pedigrees, tracing to such outstanding sires as: Curtiss Frisco Pete, Silver Crescent, Crescent Goldust, Seth Thomas, Patton L., Hillswicke Oracle, Kewpie's Topper of Arenosa. Prominent prefixes in their pedigrees included Arenosa, B & L's, Arbor Acres, Masters, Royal and Wa-Full.

Most of our ponies measured 40" to 43". We had a colorful herd of solid, dilute and pinto colors, with the pintos also being registered with the Pinto Horse Association of America.

Many of our Shetland ponies helped establish or improve others' breeding programs. Our buyers have successfully shown their Cherry-Hill ponies in halter, harness, and in-hand trail and jumping. Others have been driven and ridden for fun in parades or on trail rides, as well as in youth gaming events. Some have even carried packs while their owners enjoyed hiking alongside in the mountains. Still others found new homes as lawnmowers, pets or companions for other horses/ponies/people. Thanks to their size and good dispositions, owners have found them safer and more economical to keep than full-size horses. They are great youth projects in 4-H, high school equestrian team events or just for fun. Their uses are endless and the enjoyment they bring is priceless.    

If you're looking for a Shetland, maybe you'll find one that traces to Cherry-Hill breeding!

text by Traci Durrell-Khalife, updated 2017; above photo taken in 2015