I don't play very many computer games. One that I have played awhile is Stunts. This game was created in 1990 by Distinctive Software, Inc. I understand this company was bought in late 1991 by Electronic Arts. The game was distributed by Broderbund. As far as I can tell, this game has not been available for a long time. Please don't ask me for a copy of this game. It is still under copyright, and I have no desire to start a life as a criminal now. However, If you search hard enough, it CAN be found for download on the web. When you find it, please respect intellectual property and buy it if it becomes available again.


The best feature of this marvelous game is the ability to build your own tracks. Not only that, but you can save them and TRADE them. Below in zip format are all the tracks I own. There are 1664 of them, as of August, 2002. Just click on a charachter in the table below to download the tracks beginning with that charachter.

Tracks to download

# 32 tracks A 62 tracks B 97 tracks
C 132 tracks D 83 tracks E 34 tracks
F 83 tracks G 34 tracks H 75 tracks
I 35 tracks J 128 tracks K 58 tracks
L 40 tracks M 83 tracks N 236 tracks
O 24 tracks P 38 tracks Q 5 tracks
R 59 tracks S 131 tracks T 105 tracks
U 17 tracks V 16 tracks W 35 tracks
X 6 tracks Y 6 tracks Z 10 tracks

If you don't have the original, here's the Default track.

For those of you who are frequent visitors, I will have a special zip file for the tracks I have added most recently. These new tracks will be added to the zip files above also, so you first time visitors don't have to worry about the file below.

192 new (August 18, 2002) tracks here! Thank you to all who have sent tracks recently. I can always use more!

If you have built your own tracks, please send them my way! If you don't have any tracks to send, download all you want anyway, then build your own track, and then send them here!!

Donating Instrucions

The easiest way to sent tracks is to attatch them to an e-mail. (MIME works best) Be default, when you send tracks I will add your name to the donor list. Feel free to let me know how you want your name to appear. If you wish to donate anonomously, let me know in you e-mail. Better yet, inform me that I may link you your e-mail. But what would really make my day is if you gave me your URL to link to.
I reserve the right to alter the track names if:

1: I already have a track with the same name

2: The track name might not be cosidered "kosher" by someone. This is a G-Rated page, after all.

The tracks are from the following people:

Camron Settlemier

Tyrone Settlemier

C. James Nesbit III, who has evidently dropped off the face of the planet

Robert Fallyet


Mattias Thorelli



Andrew Raymond

David Jones


The Furhg


Scott Cooksey

Craig Sefton

Yuri Evfimiou

The Warrior



The Thad Man


Pablo Aparicio

Capt. Collier


Martijn van Werven

Mike V


Jamie Knorr


Ian, Barb, and Dave McRae


Neil McRae

Kris, Mac, and Nathan


Carey R. Holliday


Alejandro Rodríguez Torres

Isak George

Cameron Walter

Oliver Kalpen

Gene & Stan

Jason Cousineau

Ev Delen

Guy Lazovski

Speedy, Birkenhead

Yellow Boy


Jacob Settlemier
Jamas Enright
Fitz H
Ruan Geldenhuys
Petri Salmela
Kari Gro Johanson
Mr. Voo
Alexander Nilssen
Tim Bewick
Killin el MC Asesino
And the most famous person in the world: Anonymous!

Special thanks to Andre Doff and Lukas Loehrer for their most helpful tips in making this page better.

Hints and Helps!

Here are three hints I have not found elsewhere on the pages.

1: When aiming for the best time, set your graphics on the lowest possible level. This can improve your time by up to half a second per minute.

2: Don't put too many tracks in your main stunt directory at one time. It will cause the program to lock up. I created subfolders based on the first letter of the track name, and move tracks in and out of the folders as needed. The limit is 255 at one time. Thanks to Jim Leonard for the number.

3: Don't bother traversing the entire corkscrew. (The one going upside down and sideways) Just go off the side. With enough practice, you can land right back on the track.

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Tyrone Settlemier..
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