Observatory Infrastructure


Wires are in, and walls sealed up


Data Cables

Under the office, waiting for a hole above

All but the network line (Cat5) run to my office.  From pier to desk is about 55'.  Leaving room at each end, I figured 75' wire lengths would be great.

COM Ports

Device Cable Marking Physical Port Com setting
Robofocus   Rear CPU port 1
Unused N/A Front CPU port 2
Dome   USB converter port 1 4
LX200 port 1   USB converter port 3 5
LX200 port 2   USB converter port 4 6
bad USB port N/A USB converter port 2 7


Red and white lights on dimmers.  The dome flats light is remotely controlled.  All of these lights will be 12 VDC.  I need 12 VDC for other things, and automotive lighting technology will be smaller, generate less heat, and be safer.


Temperature management

Heating will be accomplished with a tarp over the scope and a 25 watt bulb.  The CCD camera will be brought in the house during the long winter months.

Cooling will be managed via the white paint, and opening the dome long prior to observing.  I may keep a fan just inside the door if it looks like I need to exhaust a lot of heat.