This section is part of the DSP-10 User's Manual, Chapter 1 - Transceiver Operation

Software Loading

Version 3.96 files

UHF396.ZIP is the distribution file for version 396 of the
DSP-10 PC software. This file unzips to the following files:
EGAVGA.BGI   VGA Drivers for Borland
UHELP_2.TXT  Help screens
GNUGPL.TXT   GPL license
UHFA_43A.RND Random frequency control file is the distribution file for version 3.50 of the
DSP-10 DSP software. This file unzips to the following files:

READ_35.TXT       description of the DSP files
UHF3E35A.EXE     DSP file for the EZ-Kit Lite
UHF3M35A.HEX   HEX file for the 27C512 Eprom
UHF3X35A.HEX   HEX file for the DSPx Flash



If you have the KK7P ADSP-2185 from TAPR you should use the information on the Flash Bank 1 page for installing the new 3.50 DSP program.

Manually loading the software

If you have the EzKit Lite, ADSP-2181, the installation is the same as the previous 3.50 and 3.80 versions.
For  DSP-10 and DSP-10x  these files need to be in one directory of the hard drive, or  floppy drive.

UHFA.CFG (optional)

For the EZ Kit Lite


Step 1 is for  a DSP-10 with V3.50 or V3.80 EPROM. If your DSP-10 signs
on with music and an announcement that EZKit is ready, you do not need
to wake up the monitor, so Step 1 is not needed.

1 Make the monitor active with SENDDOLR.EXE Version 1.2

2 Load the DSP program with the DOS command

EZFAST M c UHF3E35A.EXE  G   where c is the COM port 1, 2, 3 or 4

3 Execute the PC control program with the DOS command

UHFA c   where c is the COM port 1, 2, 3 or 4.

A path is needed if you are in a different directory.


You need to have installed the EZKIT-Lite Monitor program that came with the DSP board. It runs under Windows for some reason.
  1. Start windows, 3.1 or Windows 95/98 as you may be using.
  2. Double-click on "EZ-Kit Lite Monitor" Icon
  3. Select the menu "Loading" and the item "Download User Program and Go..."
  4. Find the file " UHF3E35A.EXE" in the file dialog box
  5. Select this file and Click on "OK"
  6. Close the dialog box and Exit Windows
  7. Boot the computer in DOS
  8. From DOS, load and execute UHFA by typing  UHFA c
  9. where c is the COM port used to connect to the EZ-KIT Lite (1,2,3 or 4.)

Version information is displayed on the status line of the PC display. Use SCRoll LOCK F3 to display the staus line.  The  DSP program is on the left. It should be 35. The PC program version is shown on the right side of the line and should show 3.96 after updating.

EZFAST file size 14237

from Dwight Elvey.

If you want to keep the DSP-10 settings, copy the UHFA.CFG from your original install, or install the new 3.96 in the original directory. Not recommended for the faint of heart.

You MUST operate the PC in "true" DOS, not the DOS window that is available in Windows 95 and later operating systems. If your PC comes up running Windows you will need to Shut Down WINDOWS AND REBOOT DIRECTLY TO DOS. You may make a BOOT disk while running WINDOWS and use this to BOOT from a Floppy drive to the DOS prompt or alternately use F-8 while the COMPUTER is booting to interupt the normal BOOT sequence and select the BOOT to DOS Prompt. If this is not done Windows may indicate great amounts of distress over the direct interaction with hardware interrupts, and not allow communication on the serial port.

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