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Source Code and the software - The software for the project is being made available as "free software." This includes both the source code and the executable files for both the DSP and the PC. A license is required for the Program (referring to the total DSP-10 software package.) This license is the GNU General Public
License. You do NOT send me any money to use the software. The software is available for download from the Internet . However, you do have obligations under the license and it is important to read it. It is attached as GNU_GPL.TXT and can be read as is, or as part of starting up the DSP-10 software. By the way, this license file must be in the same directory as the executable program file, uhfa.exe, for the program to run.

This being only the User's manual, we will not attempt to provide any software details. Source-code comments, and separate documents showing the six-byte commands from the PC to the DSP, and PUA43 code definitions.

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