USB for the DSP-10

Why do I care ?

This need arose when I acquired an IBM laptop computer that has no floppy drive. It is convenient to boot into DOS without making a dual boot system. If this is something you want want to try, you will need to determine if the BIOS supports changing the BOOT order and USB is one of the choices for booting.

I am using this with a Dell "Latitude D380" which seems to support many options, and has a serial port.

You need  a program that will make the USB stick bootable. Rufus is one approach, and includes "FREEDOS" files.

This seems to work OK. I used the settings as below

I made a directory C:\394 and copied the files from the hard drive to the USB after formatting the USB.

The BIOS assigns the drive letter C to the USB stick, so the hard drive is not recognized. There may be other tricks available to make other drives available, but this is pretty good to get a newer machine booting without having a floppy drive.

Don't remove the USB stick until shut down of the PC. There are no routines that handle the removal and writing of the USB. It is possible to have a write pending, as in screen saves, that makes a messy file entry where the file is not properly closed.