SendToBack FKEY 1.0, by Seth Hill

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  Note: Time calculations are based on the absolute transfer time of bytes at a certain speed, they do not account for latency.

File: send-to-back-source.hqx
Size: 21,941 Bytes
Time: About 6 seconds at 28,800 bps
What: Full C/C++ & Pascal
source code, including THiNK C 7.02 and THiNK Pascal 4.02 project files. SendToBack was originally written in Pascal, but the source is small enough that I decided to translate it, just in case the reader likes C better. And yes, one of these days I'll get CodeWarrior...

Alternate Sites:
SendToBack FKEY 1.0 Source via Apple's Info-Mac Mirror
SendToBack FKEY 1.0 Source via Proaxis Communications, Inc. (my ISP)

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About SendToBack:

    SendToBack is a freeware FKEY that sends the front window behind all others. This can very handy for flipping through windows, or just to get the front window quickly out of the way without closing it. Surprisingly enough, 90% of the programs out there that don't implement any sort of "send to back" function, despite the simplicity of such a function. Thus, SendToBack was born. Actually I've found that SendToBack does its stuff faster than the built-in send to back functions in some programs.
    One problem that I've noticed: Some programs (namely Cyberdog) do not react properly when SendToBack moves their windows. That is, the windows change position fine, but the program doesn't realize that the window has moved, and doesn't adjust itself for the new window. In Cyberdog the solution to this is usually to click on the new front window after using SendToBack, or use Cyberdog's built-in send to back command. Most programs shouldn't care how their windows are ordered, and Cyberdog is the only one that I've noticed this with.
    Also, if you find that SendToBack isn't working on some windows, you're right. SendToBack will only cycle non-dialog, standard system windows. This means that it will not work with programs who use custom windows. Programs that change the system's standard windows (like Kaleidoscope or Aaron) should work fine, however.

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About The Source Code:

    The source code is available in C/C++ and Pascal (written first in pascal, for all you pascal fans out there), so take your pick. It is very well commented (the comments are probably longer than the code), and may be useful to beginners, or as a reference on how to write an 'FKEY'. The source code is free (as is the FKEY), and you may use it/change it/abuse it to your heart's desire. My only condition is that if you change the source and release it again (make modifications, port it to CodeWarrior, etc.) that you credit me as the original source, and indicate that it's been changed. I doubt a powerpc port would be necessary for such a small piece of code, but do what you will...
    I've been using this FKEY without any serious problems since I wrote it, but your mileage may vary. I can say with reasonable certainty that there are no crash-your-computer-bugs in it, however I make no guarantees (if I haven't already made that clear :-).
    Because I know that last paragraph has no legal value whatsoever, you may also read the freeware license to SendToBack, which is included in the distribution.

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Published December 10, 2000