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Online Manual: Quick Start

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What Is Noah!?
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Configuring Noah!

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Running Noah!

Double click on Noah!'s icon. You will see Noah!'s "about box." After reading the message, click on the close button. After the about box closes, you will be presented with Noah!'s main screen. The letters "n o a h !" will appear. Sit your child on your lap, and let 'em go! Every key press or mouse click will be returned with a sound, and a colorful picture or shape.

Nap Time

Quitting Noah! might seem impossible at first glance, since the menubar is hidden and the standard "quit" short cut doesn't do anything. Don't despair! Move the mouse cursor up to where the menubar normally is, and it reappears. To quit, select Quit from the File menu.

For full documentation on changing Noah!'s settings, including whether the menubar is hidden, or whether menu keyboard short cuts are active, see "Configuring Noah!."

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Published January 13, 2001