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Noah! 1.04 - Hours of fun for your Toddler!

Shareware, $15.
Current Version 1.04 (Mac OS), Released January 1999


STB Icon

SendToBack FKEY

A window-arranging utility, implemented using the long-forgotten/classic FKEY mechanism.

Current Version 1.0 (Mac OS), Released a couple years ago.

Dummy Icon

HyperCard Dummy 1.21

A HyperCard tool, who's function is difficult to sum up in two lines of copy. See the Dummy page for more details.

  • Download Dummy 1.21
  • Register Dummy Online

Current Version 1.21 (Mac OS), April 1997



This is a simple control definition function that simulates the Appearance manager's primary group boxes, secondary group boxes, and separation lines, complete with source code. Useful if you're interested on how a basic CDEF works, or if you'd like to incorporate Mac OS 8-style looks in your programs, without using the Appearance manager.

  • Download AGABoxes´CDEF
  • Register AGABoxes´CDEF Online

Current Version 1.00 (Mac OS), June 1997

Dream Journal Icon

HyperCard Dream Journal 1.01

One of my earlier creations - used to keep a log of your dreams. The idea being that if you have a log of your psyche, you can understand it better. This was based on a high school psychology project of mine (many years ago).

  • Download Dream Journal 1.01
  • Register Dream Journal Online

Current Version 1.01 (Mac OS), January 1995


Hack (n); software that was written in less than 24 hours, probably while under the infuluence of little sleep and too much coffee (or other stimulants).

In other words, use at your own risk, your mileage may vary, has been known to cause cancer in lab rats, harmful or fatal if swallowed, etc.

CSR Icon

Control Strip Reloader

An AppleScript nifty that reloads the control strip. Requires MacOS 8.5+

Current version: 1.00 (Mac OS), December 1998

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