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Rockin' Software that everyone should have:

Noah! by Troposphere Software - Simply the best, what can I say? Of course, my opinion is probably biased, seeing as I own Troposphere Software... ;-)

Look for more stuff in a bit, ok?

Save Your Eyeballs! Get a font smoother!
SmoothType by Greg Landweber - You probably need a fast machine to be able to stand it, but the overall effect is really cool: Real time font anti-aliasing for Macintosh. Once you get used to smoothing, you'll never go back.

MacOS 8.5 - Guess what? If you've got MacOS 8.5 you have font smoothing built in! See the Appearance control panel.

Microsoft Plus! Font Smoother - Essentially the same deal as SmoothType, but for PC's running Windows '95 (NT & '98 apparently have built-in smoothing, but don't ask me, cause I don't have either of them).

Software Archives:

Info-Mac HyperArchive (Main Mac Archive)
ShareWare.Com (C|Net's Mac/PC/Etc Search Engine) (The Main IBM-PC Archive)
WinSite HTTP (Lots o' Windows Software)
WinSite FTP (Lots o' Windows Software)
WU Archive (A large mirror of many archives)

Cool Stuff from Cool Software People:

iCab Co.: iCab is a new Mac-only web browser, that is quickly earning my vote as the #1 browser in the Mac world, yes, even over Netscape and Internet Explorer. There are other browsers out there - like Mosaic, or Surf Monkey, and I've tried them all - but this is different. iCab is the first real competition that I've seen in the browser market for years. There's a free preview release availible now, and iCab Co. has plans to keep a free version for home users, and release a "commercial" version for around $25. This browser is amazing! It's not perfect - this is prerelease version with a few minor annoyances. However, it's download size of 1.4MB might help you decide how amazing it is (compare with something like 30MB for Netscape Communicator, or the insane 60MB "standard" install of Internet Explorer 5). I know that I've forgotten that software can be small and efficient, and still be useful (too much C++ programming lately). iCab helped remind me. Besides that, iCab supports the official HTML 4.0 specification, some of the more common of Communicator's and Internet Explorer's HTML "enhancements", and other useful features, such as the built-in banner blocker and download manager. Do yourself a favor and check it out. (iCab must be an awesome product if it gets a review like this from me, DESPITE the fact that it's name starts with an iMac-style lowercase "i". This is a trend which I think is disgusting, but it earns them a point for marketing :-)

Bare Bones Software, Inc.: The place to look for professional software and web development tools, including BBEdit, BBEdit lite, SoftPolish, and others (This page was created in BBEdit lite).

Ambrosia Software, Inc.: The makers of some heavy duty anti-productivity software (games), such as Escape Velocity, Avara, Maelstrom, Apieron, Harry the Handsome Executive, Mars Rising, Swoop, and, well, maybe you should just go there and see for yourself. Ambrosia is simply the best. No Macintosh is complete without a few downloads from them.

Ingemar Ragnemalm's Page: Ingemar's web site is of great interest to you if you'd like to make your own Macintosh game. This is where you'll find the Sprite Animation Toolkit (SAT), a free library that takes care of a lot of the dirty work of sprite-based animation. If you've ever played Ambrosia Software's Escape Velocity, then you know what SAT is capable of! SAT is especially helpful for beginning programmers, and Ingemar's site has loads of code examples (in C and Pascal).

Stairways, Inc.: Stairways is home to an excellent suite of shareware internet software, including Anarchie Pro (an awsome ftp client). In addition, you'll also find Peter N. Lewis's libraries, a huge collection of Pascal source code ranging from simple string handling to internet connections. A worthy addition to any programmer's library.

Symantec, Inc.: Symantec makes anti-virus, disk checking, and interface utilities for Macs & PCs. It's also the home of Visual Page, an excellent web authoring tool. You'll also find a free version of THINK Pascal, a discontinued, but still highly useful Pascal development environment for Macintosh.

Apple Computer, Inc.: Aside from being the makers of Macintosh computers and the MacOS, here you'll find such nifties as Quicktime and loads of MacOS addons. Also, buried deep within their FTP site is MPW, the original Mac developent environment. MPW is a complete C/C++ and Pascal tool, and generates highly optimized code. And for some reason, Apple has released it for free. At more than 50MB for the complete package, it's not a download to be taken lightly, but if you have time to learn the MPW interface and don't want to spend $500 on Codewarrior, this is definitly the route to go.

id Software: need I say more? The home of Quake, Quake II, Doom, Wolfenstien, Heretic, Hexen, etc.

Shawn Hargreaves's Page: Shawn is the author of Allegro, a kick-ass game programming library for djgpp. I say "game library" because that's what Shawn calls it. In reality, it's a full layer over DOS, including graphics, sounds, music, 3D, animation, and an extensible GUI. This site also includes links such a wide variety of projects (that use Allegro) that it's impossible to not find something of interest (not to forget some pretty cool games ;-). Did I mention that Allegro is free?

DJ Delorie's Page: Since I mentioned Allegro, it's only fair to mention djgpp's home site. djgpp is a complete programming environment for making highly optimized 32-bit DOS applications. And, since it's a port of the GNU development tools, it's absolutely free.

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