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A small picture of my dog.       In case you we're wondering, the dogs littered about my pages are pictures of Ripley, my dog.

    Rip is a 5 year old purebred Snow Cloud German Shepherd. He is about 3 feet at the shoulder, and weighs near 120 pounds. When he stands up, he can put his feet on my shoulders (I'm about 6'3") and lick my face with no problem. Without a doubt, Ripley is a BIG dog.

    And in case you think anything different, he really is white. Don't let the black & white picture fool you. No, I didn't paint him, he came that way. If you have never before seen a snow cloud shepherd, now you have. From what I've heard, they are the biggest breed of German Shepherd, and the smartest. Keep in mind that the breeders that sold me this dog gave me this information. They also told me that snow clouds "...sit down automatically, like it's programmed in. The also never jump up on you or dig holes in the garden, and they only bark at people they don't know..." My experience with this dog has been able to confirm only that snow clouds are big... Ah, but I don't give my dog enough credit, he is good at not barking all the time, and he is also very smart; the digging, sitting and jumping is another story.

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