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This stuff doesn't really apply anymore, and is listed only to appease any information mongers out there.

Ok, ok, it's not as mysterious as I first thought. My compiler is producing JDK 1.1.x bytecodes, and Netscape apparently only supports JDK1.0.x. So, the "theta compatibility chart" should be renamed the "JDK 1.1.x compatibility chart." And since MSIE 4.5/mac is brand new, it makes sense that it supports the newer specification. However, this DOES NOT explain why MSIE won't display the theta in the HTML...

1/17/99 - Q vs. theta:
To display theta (
q), I'm using ASCII character 113 (q) of the Symbol font. An elegant solution, since Symbol is one of the few fonts that's nearly identical on the MacOS and Windows. Sounds simple enough, except that MSIE 4.5/mac refuses to display it correctly in HTML (via <FONT FACE="Symbol">), but displays it correctly in the Java applet. To make things stranger, both Netscape Communicator 4.5/mac, 4.5/win, and MSIE 4.0/win refuse to display theta correctly in the Java applet but display them correctly in the HTML. This is one of the strangest situations that I've encountered in all of my experience writing code and publishing web pages. So strange in fact, that I've created a table of the 2 big browsers' "theta compatibility:"

Theta Compatibility Chart
Will show "theta" via the <FONT FACE="Symbol"> HTML tag Will show "theta" with the Graphics.setFont(...) function from Java.awt.Graphics
Netscape Communicator 4.5 - MacOS YES NO (doesn't support JDK 1.1.x calls to Graphics.setFont() with a specific font name.)
Netscape Communicator 4.5 - Windows 95 YES NO (supports Monospaced font, but not Symbol)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 - MacOS NO (This is a bug in the browser!) YES (using EITHER the MS virtual machine -or- MRJ 2.0)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 - Windows 95 (w/desktop upgrade) YES NO (doesn't support JDK 1.1.x calls to Graphics.setFont() with a specific font name.)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 - Windows 95 Just crashes when the page is opened!

Just for clarity, this applet was written and compiled with Metrowerks Codewarrior Pro 4. All of the text that appears in the applet should be Java's "monospaced" font (Courier), except for theta, which is supposed to be the Symbol font.

Now, I am not an expert Java programmer, but the code for the above applet is only a few hundred lines, and making a new font is not a hard thing to do from Java. EVEN SO, this does not explain MSIE4.5/Mac's refusal to display the Symbol font in the HTML code!! If you have any thoughts on this, please, tell me!! My Email Address:

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