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Visual Trigonometry

What is this?

This Java applet demonstrates is the relative lengths of the 6 trigonometric functions.

Angle q (red line) is a central angle on the unit circle (radius: 1 unit), bouncing from 0° to 90° in increments of 1°.

The values of the six trig functions are represented by the lengths of the colored lines, and their decimal approximations are displayed in the list above.
Note: The applet may or may not display q's instead of thetas. This is not really a bug, but due to the fact that your browser isn't compatible with the new java specifications (MacOS Internet Explorer 4.5 is the only browser that I'm aware of that is). Anyhow, this is likely to cause some visual anomolies, and will be fixed at a later time. See the other Visual Trig page for more info.

Applet Version 1.00 (JDK1.1.x)

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