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Visual Trigonometry:
The Sohcahtoa Applet, by Seth Hill

What is this?

This Java applet demonstrates is the relative lengths of the 6 trigonometric functions.

Angle A (black line) is a central angle on the unit circle (radius: 1 unit), bouncing from 0° to 90° in increments of 1°.

The values of the six trig functions are represented by the lengths of the colored lines, and their decimal approximations are displayed in the list above.

Future plans for this include:

  • Click & Drag interface, instead of those silly +/- buttons.
  • Radian/Degree mode

Sohcahtoa Applet: Release 1.03 for JDK 1.0x
Developed by Seth Hill

- NEWS -

3/10/99 - Version 1.03: On Screen Conrols
This new version adds the beginings of on-screen controls. Now you can start and stop the animation, manually change the value of theta, as well as set the unit circle size (meaning size relative to the screen, aka zoom, not the RADIUS of the unit circle, which is of course, always 1).

2/17/99 - Version 1.02: Better Colors
The colors and weight of the lines have been changed, hopefully making them easier to see. The jdk 1.1.x version will be put on hold until more browsers support the 1.1 specification.

2/4/99 - Version 1.01: Theta Workaround
The applet has been upgraded (or downgraded, rather) to work with the older (but more widely used) jdk1.0.x specifications, and as such, the angles are now simply referenced as "A." The jdk1.1.x version is
here if you'd like to check it out.

Previous news is here.

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