3 More Great Days on the Willamette River - Part 2

June 2014 - Eugene to Corvallis by Kayak and Canoe

Part 1 covered our first day of the trip. We will now do the next two days, getting us from Blue Ruin Island, near Harrisburg, to Corvallis.

The Willamette wanders northward through this region. We spent the second night at Norwood Island, marked by an "N." The third day we paddled to Michael's Landing in Corvallis, marked by a "M."

Irrigation season was just starting. This double pump arrangement was running when we passed.

The upstream railroad bridge at Harrisburg is being worked on and has several signs marking the proper passage point. By the time the signs are readable, you are already committed to some gap, but it all works. These are main north-south tracks, and we found we could hear trains for many miles.

150 years ago, Harrisburg was often the end of the line for river boat travel. The town still has a park to respect its history, complete with gazebo.

I could write something clever, like "Cow-Osprey-Deer." But the note-worthy item really is the missing osprey feather. That bird lives in the vicinity of Norwood Island. If others see the same bird, it would be interesting to see how long it takes to regrow symmetrical wings.

Just below Harrisburg is a new complex that includes a small hotel and an RV park. There is no provision for river access. Behind the hotel is a cottonwood tree farm.

It was interesting to observe various types of river banks, some made by Mother Nature but most being the result of human activity. It is not clear as to which category this river bank is, but it has willow brush with cottonwoods back farther. It seems to be succeeding well in this spot.

We arrive at Norwood Island (RM 148.5). We camped about half way down the island on the main channel side. The beach was narrow, but adequate for cooking. We put the tents up above the bank where there is lots of flat grassy land. This is an excellent camping island.

Shalline took this picture. It should appear that both Bob and Chuck are trying to figure out where they are. By the way, the guide books with maps are "Willamette River Water Trail Guide."

In addition, the Travis Williams book, "The Willamette River Field Guide," is a must have for the complete river story.

Earlier this year (2014), the Willamette Riverkeeper completed arrangements to purchase Norwood island. It is about 90-acres and historically it had been farmed. The current appearance, seen in this picture reflects this. A multi-use plan is being developed and some activity to remove non-native plants has started.

Corvallis gets most of its water here (RM 134.5).

We could tell that college-town Corvallis was nearby! Here are four of about six stand-up paddle boarders that were out on the river, off of the Crystal Lake boat ramp.

Corvallis was our destination and after a side excursion up the Marys River, we went to Michael's landing where we were greeted by Janet. It was a very nice trip!

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