3 Great Days on the Willamette River - Part 2

June 2013 - Corvallis to Wheatland Ferry by Kayak and Canoe

This story follows our trip in order from Corvallis to Wheatland Ferry. This web page is part two, covering our second and third days. Part 1 covers the first day.

Cliffs along the river are not common. This one is the biggest, and located at RM 107, downstream from the entrance of the Santiam River. The cliff is made more impressive by the big Douglas Fir trees at the top, ready to come down and become river debris.

It is a nice boat, but not running. We found out later that as of June 14, "The Buena Vista Ferry is CLOSED for repairs and a dredging project." There are three ferries on the Willamette. This one is at RM 106.

Isn't that a nice Garry Oak cluster behind the ferry?

We saw this from the river (between RM 101 and 102) and realized it was part of the Rogue Brewery. The disappointment was that they didn't open until 4 PM and it was only 10 AM. Jim promised to build his next paddle schedule around this stop.

The famous Willamette River Serpent.

There is a large city park in Independence, OR (RM 95.5). It has been the boat ramp for the area. We stopped there and had lunch, which worked fine. But that ramp is going to be closed and replaced by this new one at RM 95, downstream and away from the downtown. This is called the "Riverside Park," as many of them might! Paddlers can continue to stop at the old park, I believe.

The fine-thread seaweed (riverweed?) dries as the water level drops, leaving families of brown ghosts along the river.

The end of day 2 found us camped on a state owned island at RM 89.5. It had no trees, but lots of willow brush. We hunted to find camp spots that were not on larger cobblestones. Finer gravel does collect in places, and we put our tents in those more comfortable spots. The afternoon and evening weather was most pleasant. But, the night brought rain and we awoke to find that everything outside our tents was wet.

Chuck and Shalline provided refreshing drinks at the arrival at camp, and then recorded the festive event with a camera. They carried a cooler with ice in the canoe! L-to-R are Jim, Shalline, Bob and Chuck.

This was the lovely view of the river from the second camp. They don't show in the picture, but we had a wide range of bird species in our front yard. A Shalline picture.

We got underway with rain coming down lightly. That really didn't seem to be a problem and once paddling, everybody looked to be warm and cheery! This house sits out over the riverbank, upstream from Salem, and makes an interesting sight.

Here we are at West Salem's Wallace Marine park (RM 84) located at the Hwy 22 bridges. This collection of stones is covering what used to be the boat ramp. The current ramp is upstream, but the best paddle beach is below the bridges. We stopped here for a morning break.

When we saw the Wheatland Ferry, we knew we were going to have to stop paddling, and go to our homes. It was still raining on-and-off but I think we all would have been happy to continue. It was a fine trip!!

The lower cable keeps the ferry on course and prevents it from going down the river. The three upper wires supply electricity to propel the boat. All four are connected by pulleys, as the electric motor and associated propeller make the boat move.

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