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Welcome to my Web Page. Information is available here on electronic hobby projects that I've been developing. In addition, I plan to add some things about my other interests, including boats and the outdoors. Bob Larkin, W7PUA, Corvallis, Oregon


The DSP-10 is a two-meter ham-radio transceiver using a DSP processor for the i-f and audio. It was published in QST magazine for September, October and November of 1999. It can be used for communicating with very weak signals and has special features for use with microwave transverters.

Most of my ham operation is at VHF, UHF and Microwave frequencies.

I also enjoy sailing, paddling and building wooden boats.


DSP-10 Transceiver


DSP10 details

Sailing, Kayaking & Boatbuilding


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Birdwatcher II Sailboat


Building BW2

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10MHz-144Mhz Diplexer


Horizontal Loop Evaluation


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