The Boat Yard

Here is the family boat collection

Wave Watcher, an 23.5 ft Sharpie Sailboat

Wave Watcher, an 23.5 ft Birdwatcher II sharpie sailboat designed by Phil Bolger. The building details are at Birdwatcher-2 Building Project. Wave Watcher was in the family for 10-years, but in the summer of 2016 Rosie became the new owner. We have many great memories of time with this boat and wish Rosie "fair winds and happy sailing!"

Microwave, an 8 ft Acorn dinghy

Microwave, an 8 ft Acorn lapstrake dinghy designed by Ian Oughtred and built from plans sold by Wooden Boat Magazine. Bob is sailing at Fern Ridge Reservoir, near Eugene Oregon. Small boats are much fun to sail.

Wavelet, a 13 ft Kayak

Wavelet, a Mill Creek 13 stitch-and-glue kayak designed by Chris Kulczyski and made from a kit sold by Chesapeake Light Craft. Patti is paddling at Three Creek Lake in the Oregon Cascade mountains near Sisters. The Mill Creek has an open cockpit and 29 inches of beam that makes it feel very stable.

Wavelet II, a 16 ft Sea Kayak

Wavelet II, a Chesapeake 16 stitch-and-glue kayak designed by Chris Kulczyski and made from a kit sold by Chesapeake Light Craft. Bob is paddling at Clear Lake in the Oregon Cascade mountains at the headwaters of the the McKenzie River.

New Wave, Catalina 22 Sailboat

New Wave, a Catalina 22 Sailboat. This is at Fern Ridge Reservoir on the last weekend in March of 2002. We went for a fine sail. Surprisingly, we were the only boat at Richardson Point marina. Nobody else had launched their boat for the season. New Wave was quite lonely!

Since the completion of Wave Watcher, we sold New Wave, but fortunately she is still being sailed at Fern Ridge by Scott! She had been in the family many years with lots of good memories.

Wavelet at Depoe Bay 2001

Here is Wavelet again, this time at the Wooden Boat Show and Crab Fest at Depoe Bay, Oregon in April of 2001. Thanks to Doug Bermel of Sisters, Oregon for the picture. The Depoe Bay event is the third weekend in April and a fine happening.

Wavelet 3 on the Yaquina R.

Here is Wavelet 3 a Pinguino Sport 13 built from a kit produced by Pygmy Kayaks. This picture of Bob was taken by John Kohnen on Oregon's Yaquina River, in October of 2016. Wavelet 3 has been on many outings, as she seems to be a happy compromise between lightness and capability. That is a VHF half-wave antenna on the aft deck!

Wave Guide at Fern Ridge

Wave Guide is the youngest resident of the boat yard, being built in 2016. She is a SCAMP sailboat, with the design and plywood kit coming from Small Craft Advisor Magazine. Only 12-feet long, she is fully suitable for Northwest protected waters. Wave Guide made it to the San Juan islands in the summer of 2017.

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