Dedicated to 78rpm-era records, cylinders, phonographs, gramophones, and related ephemera

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Informative articles

General Recording Technology History
The Phonoautograph
Cylinder, Disc and Tape Care in a Nutshell


Early Recorded Sounds & Wax Cylinders at Tinfoil.com
Tim Gracyk
Our French cylinders
Birth of the Recording Industry
The Cylinder Archive
Edison Shop Article on cylinder reproducers
World's Oldest Playable Recording Part 1  Part 2  Analysis
Cleaning Cylinders  
78's 78rpm Home Page
Tim Gracyk
Mainspring Press Free Online Journal
The E-Discographer
W.A.M.S Equalization Curves
Vintage Jazz and Dance Music at 78rpm
The Blue Pages
The Virtual Gramophone
Adam Miller's online files 
A History of Radio Broadcast Recordings by Michael Biel, Ph.D.
The Vitaphone Project
The Flexible Record Project
German National Discography
Dating Guide by Helmut Weber
Roger Wilmut
Mal Rockwell
Pitch of 78s
Beatles at 78rpm
Weird Lacquer (Acetate) Records
Cyril Francis speech transcript
Spirit of 78s
Joes Home Page has 1939 to 1940 Jazz Information magazines
Documenting Early Radio
Explanation of Side Coupling for 78rpm Sets
International Pop Records Pressed In Finland
The Care and Handling of Recorded Sound Materials
78tours (French)   Labels
American Record Company Mine Aristocrat Red Saunders Research Foundation Aurora (Canadian) Robert D. Morritt Beltona Beltona Research Project Berliner Library of Congress
The Virtual Gramophone
Black Swan Mainspring Press
Article by Jitu K. Weusi
Bluebird 78rpm Home Page Brunswick 78rpm Home Page
Tim Gracyk
Bubble Book
Chance Red Saunders Research Foundation Columbia W.A.M.S
78rpm Home Page
Tim Gracyk
Matrix dating 1925 - 1946
Robert D. Morritt
Decca (UK) Decca History Dictaphone A Brief History Durium/Hit of the Week Hit of the Week-Durium Project also here and here
Edison Joe Moore from Vintage Jazz and Dance Music at 78rpm Flexo 78rpm Home Page Gennett Wayne County, Indiana
Hy-tone Red Saunders Research Foundation Kansas City Talking Machine Company Tim Gracyk Keynote Jazz Discography Project Lambert Aaron Cramer Little Wonder Little Wonder Records Majestic (early 20th Century hill-and-dale)
          Glenn Longwell
Master / Variety
          Jazz Discography Project
Nation's Forum
          Library of Congress
Neophone 78rpm Home Page Okeh Mainspring Press Odeon (US) Mainspring Press Old Swing Master Red Saunders Research Foundation Paramount Wisconsin Music Archives
JS Online
Parrot Red Saunders Research Foundation Pathe Quelques bons cylindres Philharmonic Hensteeth.com Rhumboogie Red Saunders Research Foundation Session The Session Label Varsity Hensteeth Victor The Victor Talking Machine Company from the David Sarnoff Library 
Victor Talking Machine Company Record Catalogs
Vitacoustic Red Saunders Research Foundation Vogue The Association of Vogue Picture Record Collectors Vox (German) VOX Schallplatten  
LP, 45 Both Sides Now
Global Dog Productions
The Development of the LP record
Jazz Labels
DIS-Informative articles

         The Brutus Cylinder
            Wayne King Red Columbos

Discography Sites

The Online Discographical Project
    Search the Online Discographical Project
The E-Discographer
Postwar Recordings
Communityzero - 78 Discography  The many sub-groups can be accessed through this page
The Truesound Online Discography Project
The Virtual Gramophone
Persian Discography
Doug Hamilton
Sounds Acoustic (pre 1925) Tinfoil.com: Cylinder of the Month
Tinfoil.com: Archive
University of California Department of Special Collections
Audio from The Virtual Gramophone
Edison NHS: Sounds
Cylinder Download from the Cylinder Archive
Dismuke's Acoustical Recordings
Honking Duck
Robert's Delightful Old Schmaltz
Menlo Park:  Vintage Recordings
So Long Ago
Radio Dismuke
Cylinders on the Web 
The Glowing Dial
Jim & Marianne's jukebox
Nipperhead: Cylinder Records
Dawn of Sound
Roaring 1920s Tunes
Geluidsvoorbeelden bij discussies
Early Records from Meloware
Vintage Phonograph Music
Glen's Vintage Hot Dance and Jazz
Recordings form the 1890s from Roger Wilmut
Helmut Weber: Sound Clips
Online Antique Phonograph Gallery
Yiddish-American Digital Archive 
Edison Shop Audio
Nipperhead: Disc Records
Little Wonder Music Library
The Brahms Cylinder
American Record Comapny
Early Electric era (1925-1935) RedHotJazz.com
Dismuke's 1920's and 1930's Electrical Recordings
The "Schellack"-Page  by Michael Herklotz
Sound Clips from the Jazz Age
Swazoo Koolak's Web Jukebox
Hot-Dance and Vintage Jazz Pages
Jazz Violin 1926-1939
78rpm Record of the Month
David John Michael Robinson
The Marion Hess Record Collection
Old Jazz on line 
Old Record Page
Pre-LP Era (1935-1950) Jan's 78rpm Warehouse
Hungarian hits of the 1930-40-50's 
Herb Jeffies
lodewijk's 78rpm site
Recent (post 1950) Recordfinders
Vinyl Orphanage
Early Classical LP Page
Miscellaneous (all of the above) Brad the Impaler
Sound Files from Nugrape Records
Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Records
Power Salad
Weird Records
Secret Museum listening room
Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound: Sound Bytes
The National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images (Sweden)
Pictures Cylinders Cylinder Differences from the Cylinder Archive
A Gallery of Two-minute cylinders from Tinfoil.com
Cylinders from Radio Museum Rottenburg
Cylinders from @ccorionscandinavia
The Cylinder Record Showcase
Cylinder Record Hobby Page
World's Oldest Playable Recording
78's Label Pictures at the 78rpm Home Page
Nugrape Records , check all four label sections.
Earl Okin Record Resource
78label discussion group trade label scans with other collectors
The Association of Vogue Picture Record Collectors
University of Washington
Mainspring Press has a label of the month
German National Discography
Nauck's Vintage Records has some rare labels pictured in their auctions.  Also informative label galleries of Columbia, Victor, and Zonophone.
Ted Staunton's Collection
Secret Museum of the Air
The Blue Pages
Chris Hamilton
Soviet 78rpm labels, wish I could read Russian...
Same as above. Note:  the labels aren't accessable from the English potion of this site.
Some Interesting 78rpm Labels from Roger Wilmut
Record Labels from Bill Clark
Label Gallery from Meloware
John Tefteller
78rpm Era Company Record Sleeves Project
Glenn Longwell
Electrical Transcription Lables from the Radio Archives
Kiddie Rekord King
Record Oddities by Ian McIver
Persian Discography labels
Bobby Cusson's Jazz Records
Australian and New Zealand 78rpm records:  Dates and Images 
Norman Field's label scans
Dance Band Encyclopaedia labelindex
Rainer Jazz - The Record Archive
Joseph "Tony" Dziedzic's Vogue Picture Record Site
Michael Schmiedecke's label scans
There are several labels scattered around Dismukes Virtual Talking Machine
Indian 78's from the 1960's pictured at Beatles at 78rpm
Neil T. Corning
Malcolm Kenton
German Grammophon Club
Mechanical Copyright Stamps
Vintage Arabian Pop Music
John Linard's Home Page 
78rpm Record of the Month
45's & LP's John Tefteller
Chris Hamilton
Power Salad
Weird and unusual Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Records
Weird Records
Chris Hamilton
Kiddie Rekord King
David Letterman's Record Collection
The Vinyl Underground
United States Library of Congress
Belfer Audio Archives
University of California Department of Special Collections
Wisconsin Music Archives
The British Library Sound Archives
UCLA:  Frontera Collection
Stan Stanford
Phonoholics Anonymous
The National Sound Archives (UK)
78 RPM Era Record Company Sleeves Project
Cylinder 101: Inventory
The National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images (Sweeden)
The Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound
Québécoise Record Library (in French)
The 78rpm Blog
Tom Appleby
Cliff Bolling
Screen Sound Australia
The "Disk Dude" Hobby Web Page
Richard Densmore
Rob Hutten
Web Resources
The Phonograph Ring
78label discussion group trade label scans with other collectors
A Comprehensive List of Sound Files on the Web Recorded through 1942 from  Phonozoic
The Record Collector's Guild
20's to 50's Pop Music
American Dance Bands
78 Collectors Photo Directory
North Texas 78rpm collectors forum
Dismuke's Message Board
UK 78rpm Collectors Forum
Cylinder discussion group
88sOn78 group for piano recordings @78rpm
Schellackforum (in German)
SchellackBoerse (in German)
Australian Dance Bands 1920-70 discussion group
Cadenza group for early acoustic operatic soprano recordings
Record Collectors Guild 
Music Transfer discussion group:  Put your 78s on CDs.
Ring of Record Resellers
For sale Auctions Nauck's Vintage Records
Lutonium Records
Hawthorn's Antique Audio 
Charles Gregory
VJM's Jazz and Blues Mart
Historic Music
P&L Antiques
Cylinder Record Auction
Don Lukowski Record Auctions 
Liberty Music
Collection Dumazert
John Tefteller
Alan Cooperman Record Auctions
Mark Weber
All Jazz
Record Collectors Corner
Mark Berresford Rare Records
78 Universe
Set Prices Nickjay's Paper Horn
Crank Up the Memories: Accessories
Bill Clark
Alex Maddocks
An Old Crank
Records from The Talking Machine, England
Chris Gavin
Bear Records
Antique Edison
John Tefteller
Really Old Records
T-C's Record Rack
World of Gramophones
Mt. Rosalie Records
vax from vaxholm 
Around and Around Records (classical LPs)
Vintage Music Company
20th Century Records
UK 78rpm Gramophone Record Collectors Page
Records for Collectors
Let It Be
gerrys Schellack Shop
Vinyl Vendors
Les Docks
Primeau Music
Victorglass vinyl 78s for jukeboxes
Gameroom antiques jukebox 78s
Radio Shows
The Antique Phonograph Music Program with MAC
The Secret Museum of the Air
KCLU - Blues Routes, Jazz Routes
Thomas Edison's Attic
Mostly Big Bands
"Swing Time" and The Big Broadcast on WFUV
Shellac Stack
There Goes that Song Again
Radiola and Archives
1900 Yesterday
Frank's Gay 90's Review
Rapidly Rotating Records
Recordings for sale Acoustic Cylinder Music Shop at Tinfoil.com
Old Time Victrola Music on Cassette
Victrola Repair: Music on Cassettes
Norman Field's Web Pages
Historic Masters
P&L Antiques
Dinosaur Discs
Leedscatlin Records (mine)
Pre World War 2 Historic Music
Diamond Cut Productions
American Gramophone
MC Productions
American Sound Archives
Venerable Music
Alpha Music Company
Nugrape Records
Origin Jazz Library
Vintage Recordings
The Old Crank
Jazz Oracle
Beer Records
Music Hall Masters
Past Perfect
VIP Records
Kazoo Lips
Mellotone Records
78 RPM Memory Lane
Beansnicker records
Billy Williams  - All the Songs
Bix Restored from Origin Jazz
Post-War Dee's Musical Memories
Broadie Sound, Inc.
Document Records
Arhoolie Records
Classic Children's Records
Vintage Arabian Pop Music
Classical 78rpm.net
Appian Publications and Recording
Norbeck & Peters
Country-early American Gramophone
Ethnic The Secret Museum of Mankind
Opera - Vintage Marston Records
Nauck's Audio Department
Garage "A" Records,  78rpm styli
Hawthorn's Antique Audio 
KAB Electro-Acoustics, turntables and styli
Products from The Talking Machine, New York
Audio Equipment at Recordfinders
Bill Clark
Metco Electronics
Alex Maddocks
Graham Slee Projects
The Disc Doctor
Bags Unlimited
Keith Monks Record Cleaning Maching
Five Points Technology
VAD LYD (preamp for 78s)
Supreme Audio, you can get Califone replacement needles here
Lyle Cartridges
The Turntable Factory
Thorens Audio USA
The Record Collector
Allen Koenigsberg's Antique Phonograph Books
Nauck's Resource Catalogue
Cylinder Music Shop at Tinfoil.com
Fox auf 78
Mainspring Press
Tom Lord:  The Jazz Discography
78 Quarterly 
VJM's Jazz and Blues Mart 
Birgit Lotz Verlag
Joyce Discographies
The Complete Guide to Vintage Children's Records
Polk Miller
Phonophan mini-minimart
Services Digital Transfer Tinfoil.com
Graham Newton's Audio Restoration
Joe Salerno
First Generation Radio Archives
Personal CD
Gerard Sound Lab
Dawn of Sound
Vintage Audio Restoration
Chase Audio Archive Services
Creative Audio Works
Cutting Corporation
Ferris Mastering
The Audio Archive
Restoration John R T Davies
New Cylinder Recordings Shawn Borri
Copyright Research Sound Thinking Music Research
Nectar Music - UK Copyright law
Cataloging KIX Music Connection
Shows and Gatherings Record Collectors Anonymous
Austin Record Convention
Automated Music Show
Metro Detroit Record Show
American Vintage Record Labelography
Association for Recorded Sound Collections
International Association of Jazz Record Collectors
The Association of Vogue Picture Record Collectors
Birmingham Record Club
International Association of Sound and Audiovideo Archives
German Grammophon Club
University of Washington Music Library
Antique Phonograph & Gramophone Thai Society
Austrian Academy of Sciences' Phonogrammarchiv
78rpm Music links Big Bands The Big Bands Database
Les Brown
Henry Busse
Larry Conley
Dance Band Encyclopaedia
Jack Hylton
Buddy Johnson
Mart Kenney
Gene Krupa
Swing Music Net
Vintage Jazz and Dance Music at 78rpm
Blues Blues World
Blue Flame Cafe
Delta Music
Classical Leopold Stokowski
Comedy Yogi Yorgesson
Country Wilf Carter
Country/Western Music Association Pioneers
Vernon Dalhart and also Here by Robert D. Morritt Hoosier Hot Shots
Old-Time Music
Leon Payne
    Talent on Display
    Texas Online
    Nashville Songwriter's Foundation
Don Richardson
Billy Starr


Folk/World Mickey Katz
The Secret Museum of the Air
Stalking  Stokowski
Resources on Early Recordings of the Music of the World.
Alan Lomax Database
Wax Cylinder (Thai)
Josh White Discography
Gospel Fisk University Jubilee Singers
Gospel Records 1940-1960
Mahalia Jackson
Instruments: Accordion @ccorionscandinavia Banjo banjoist.de Clarinet Stan Stanford Piano 78rpm.net   Jazz / R&B RedHotJazz.com
Oscar Alemán (blogspot)
Tom Archia
Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong Discography
Bix Beiderbecke
Buster Bennett
Jimmy Coe
Tommy Dean
Duke Ellington from RedHotJazz.com
DooWop Nation
Bill Worth's pages - Elllington Mysteries
Jim Europe
Marv Goldberg's R&B Articles
Jazz Discography Project
Jazz Roots
Jean, Jac et Jo
Bunk Johnson
Eddie Johnson
King Kolax
Dave Littlefield's Home Page
The Sax Mallard Discography
Jelly Roll Morton
Gerry Mulligan
Rose Murphy
rainer jazz
Red Saunders
Soviet Jazz of the 30's and 40's
Sir Charles Thompson
Vocal Group Harmony
Opera Bassocantante's Opera Shop
Enrico Caruso
Richard Jose
Roberto Marcocci's Italian Singers
Earl Okin Record Resource
Opera Notes and Mike's Miscellany
The Record Collector
Famous Artists' Discographies (many 78rpm artists)
Popular Beatles at 78rpm discography
Bix Beiderbecke
Tony Bennett from Steve Albin
Al Bowlly 
Henry Burr from The Virtual Gramophone
Henry Burr in Concert
Henry Burr Homepage
Bing Crosby Internet Museum
Cliff Edwards
Percy Faith
Judy Garland Discography
Art Gillham
Lou Gold
The Great Song Stylists
Ken Griffin
Group Harmony
Annette Hanshaw
Al Jolson
Spike Jones
Dick Jurgens
Harry Lauder from Cylinder Record Hobby Page
Peggy Lee
Guy Lombardo Society
Harry Macdonough from The Virtual Gramophone
John McCormack 
Johnny Mercer
Mills Brothers
Lee Morse
Billy Murrayfrom RedHotJazz.com
Arthur Pryor
Salvation Army Brass Band on 78rpm
Dorothy Shay
Frank Sinatra Discography from Steve Albin
Six Brown Brothers
Harry Snodgrass
Fred Waring
Whistling Records
Paul Whiteman from RedHotJazz.com
Bert Williams  
  Keep Swinging

Biographies on Collectors

Dick Spottswood  


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Informative articles
Tim Gracyk
The Old Crank
The Victor and Victrola Page
The Berliner Registry Project
The Zonophone Registry Project
Phonograph Maker's Page
The Victor Talking Machine Company from the David Sarnoff Library 
Menlo Park
Victor Victorola Hobby Page
Steve Schoenherr
Rexonola Talking Machine Home Page
Invention of the Phonograph
A few Talking Machine World issues from the Library of Congress
Ultraportable Phonographs 
Bell-Tainter Graphophone
Phonographe et Gramophone
Hand Polishing Phonographs
Victrola Maunal 1924
Mr. Victor
Phonograph Gallery at Nipperhead
Jean-Paul Agnard
Tom Edison's Home Page
Edison National Historic Site
Online Antique Phonograph Gallery
Aaron Cramer
The Old Crank - Gallery
Friedhelm's Grammophon Homepage (German)
Dick Andrews' Phonograph Collection
Phonograph Museum of Switzerland
Na Vrstvách Gramophones
Stan Stanford
Rich's Phonograph Collection
Crank Up the Memories: Phonographs for Sale, Sold Phonographs, Future Phonographs
Radio Museum Rottenburg
Phonophanatic's Phonograph Pholder
Philippe Woessner's Phonographe 
Chamsori Gramophone and Audio Museum
Marcel Brown
Darold & Cathy's Homepage
Quelques Vieux Phonos
Rene Rondeau
Antique Phonograph Doctor
Cybernet Paging has an Antique Phonograph Gallery
Pictures from Mulholland Press, Inc.
Raymond J Costello
Mario's Phonograph Page
Triman's Collection
Keeton's Antique Musical Connection
Howard Hope
Retro Renaissance
Early Record Changer Videos
Phonoholics Anonymous
Scurrier's Mechanical Music
Old Bill's Phonograph Parlor
Tim's Antique Music
Igbie's Antique Phonographs
Pascal Frioud
Bobby Cusson's Jukeboxes and Record Players
 Cylinder Archive
Ito Colleciton
P&L Antiques
Kit's Phonograph Gallery
Gregg's Phonograph Page
Gramophone Resource Homepage
Soon Rye and Hyun Chan Shin's Phonograph Collection
Cylinder 101: Phonographs
Mike's Antique Phonograph Page
Sandie's Antique Phonograph Collection
John Wendlandt
Magic Notes of the Mountains
Bill's Antique Phonograph Page
David John Michael Robinson
Class T Phonograph?
Daniel Melvin
Nipper in the News
Dictaphone and Ediphone
John's Collection from The Glowing Dial
Eddie Brimer Phonographs
Rose and Graceys Antique Phonographs
Ian Calderbank
Top Antiques - Argentina
Edisonman Edison Phonograph
Jule Lambert - Dansette Record Players
Michael Schmiedecke
Stereoviews of Phonographs
William & Mary Console
Antique Sound.com
Vintage Record Player Displays
Olde Tyme and Music
For sale
Crank Up the Memories: Phonographs for Sale
Phonophan antique phonographs for sale
The Talking Machine
Howard Hope
Brown's Antique Phonographs
David Giovannoni Phonographs for Sale
Retro Renaissance
Rose and Graceys Antique Phonographs
His Master's Vice
Sounds at the Museum of San Diego History
The Antique Music Place
Antique Edison
Edward DeVito
World of Gramophones
The Automated Music Show
Collectors World West
John Sleep Gramophones
Victrola Repair: Phonographs for Sale
Stanton's Auctions specializes in phonographs
Wyatt's Musical America
Antique Phonograph Supply Company
Great Lakes Antique Phonograph
Ruth Lambert's Needle Tins
Alex Maddocks
Jean-Paul Agnard
Brett and Cheryl's Phonograph Hobby Page
Crank Up the Memories: Accessories, Restoration
Volvoic (Edison Diamond Point Reproducers)
Anything Phonographic
J&M Wholesale
Phonophan mini-minimart
P&L Antiques
Antique Phonograph Doctor
Victrola Repair
Shawn Borri
Phonograph Dancing Toys
Gramophone Parts
Michael Bradford - Nipper Needle Tins
Gramophone Adventures
Audio Antique
Hawthorn's Antique Audio 
An Old Crank
Rose and Graceys Antique Phonographs
Tempo 80
Keith's Antique Phonographs
Antique Radio Grillecloth
Maxwell's Antiques
George's Gramophones
John Sleep Gramophones
Jackson's Clock Works
             Automated Music Show


Allen Koenigsberg's Antique Phonograph Books
Mulholland Press, Inc.
Gramophone Adventures
Canadian Phonograph Service Information
Coin-op Connection
Stolen Phonograph Free Service by Jean-Paul Agnard
You can rent! from Vintage Radio and Gramophone LTD
Shangai Private Collections
Michigan Antique Phonograph Society with members all over the world
Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society
Golden State Phonograph Society
The Music City Vintage Radio & Phonograph Society
Australian Collectors of Mechanical Musical Instruments
Phonograph Society of NSW
City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society
California Antique Phonograph Society
Carolinas Antique Music and Phonograph Society
Web Resources Phonolist
Phono-l   Archives
Phonograph Companion
General Interest


Edison National Historic Site
Tom Edison's Home Page
Edison history from the Edison Elementary School
Edison Birthplace Museum
Thomas Alva Edison Commemorative at Tinfoil.com
Edison:  His Life and Inventions  warning:  very large.
Edison Signiature forgeries
The Complete Thomas Alva Edison U.S. Patent Collection
Edison Commemorative Coin
Edisonworld Antiques
Edison National Historic Site
Radio Museum Rottenburg
Phonograph Museum of Switzerland
British Library National Sound Archive
Chamsori Gramophone and Audio Museum
Johnson Victorola Museum
Library of Congress Recorded Sound Reference Center
Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound
Templeton Music Museum
Nipper-RCA Victor
RCA History
Bill's Nipperland
Victor Amateur Radio Association (VARA)
Nipper and His Master's Voice
The Victor Road Sign
Cal Stewart/Uncle Josh
Uncle Josh Weathersby's "Punkin Centre Stories"
The Glowing Dial
Old Time Radio
The Glowing Dial
First Generation Radio Archives
The OldRadio Mailing List
A History of Radio Broadcast Recordings by Michael Biel, Ph.D.
Documenting Early Radio, also here
Broadcasting History Resources
Heritage Radio Classics
The Olde Tyme Radio Network
Halper's History of Radio
Yiddish Radio Project
Dead Recording Media
Dead Media
Popular recordings from 1st August 1942 to 31st to December 1954
1890-1930 Popular songs with lyrics and chords, real audio
Parlor Songs
Swappers and Collectors
Database of Popular Music
Wire Recorder History
Presto History
Rabid Squirrel's Jazz Archive, lots of lyrics!
Halycon Days Music
Links to Links
Links from The Old Crank
Tinfoil.com Resource Center
Tinfoil.com Links
Record Collecting Resources
78rpm home page
CAPS Links
J. Hall's Phonograph Links
Vintage Jazz and Dance Music at 78rpm
Blues Free Press
Record Collecting Resouces from the Birmingham Record Club
Surfing the Internet - Nipper on the Net
Audiophile Online 2000 (Japanese)
National Sound Archives Online Resouces
VARA's Victor & RCA links
laslett.com Music links
Liens Musique Histoire


NOTE: Please check to see if the site is already included.  Make sure it is old (pre 1960) phonograph or record related.  I appreciate links from general music sites, but if I were to include them on this specialized subject page, it would become cluttered and of much less use.  Thank you!

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